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Finished Super Gals! Season 2!

Weeks after I got the box set, I finally finished watching season 2 of Super Gals!

RightStuf did a bang-up job on the box set! It matches perfectly with my other one (from ADV) which is the type of thoughtfulness I really appreciate from a company!

Since I was one of the first 600 fans to pre-order the boxset, I also got my name on the fan tribute/thank you thing on the DVD from Right Stuf!!

^_^ Cool, ne?

Now that I'm not working, I'm hoping I can get through more of my anime series! I have been buying lots of cheap (re: on sale) boxsets from RightStuf, like Paranoia agent, Technolyze, etc. etc. but haven't been able to watch them!!

Onto the next series!

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Hopes Raised Then Crashed

So I was all excited to read the news on Anime on Dvd that one of Del Rey Manga's new solicitations is a title called "My Heavenly Hockey Club." I thought: "here it is, my two most ardent passions are finally being combined!"

But then I did a little more research and found out that the story is about a girls' field hockey and not ice hockey club.


Oh, my cruelly dashed hopes!

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"Geneon Bountiful Bargains"

Right Stuf has the most AMAZING sale from Geneon ever! You can pick up 25 assorted DVDs, CDs, or UMDs for only $100 (yes, $4 each!) or 10 for $50 ($5 each)!! Plus you get FREE SHIPPING (to Canada and the US). It's crazy! I ordered 25 at first, then went back and ordered another 10.

Of course, they're only offering select titles, and they're all individual releases (not boxes), but it's SO worth it! Oh, and you have to have exactly the right amount of titles in your cart and you can't buy more than one of a particular item, but it's really not that difficult.

I got complete series of "Adventures of the Mini Goddesses," "Gungrave," "Rumiko Takahashi Anthology," "Soultaker," and "Texhnolyze," plus a bunch of CDs! ^_^

If I didn't already have them, I would've wanted to get the Haibane Renmei, Last Exile, and Serial Experiments Lain series as well.

In all, I think I probably saved over $700!

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